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Addictive and fun sliding puzzle game

Hours of fun for brains of ALL ages

20 different challenging levels

Unlimited photos and puzzles

Upload your own awesome pics

Or use our New Zealand themed photos

NZ Themed Free Picture Puzzle Game where you can upload your own pix

Sliding Tiled Photo Puzzle Game – NZ Themed Pics with 15 Tiles

If you love puzzles then you will love this classic sliding 15 puzzle picture game with a twist.

Smooth sliding tile movement and the ability to upload your own personal photographs make this a game you won’t want to put down!

Sit back and relax with hours of fun and entertainment and different levels of challenge for brains of all ages. The whole family can have fun playing this game

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* Unlimited Photos, Hours of Fun *
The classic sliding tiles puzzle game features 15 tiles in a 4×4 grid arranged in a random pattern. Your challenge is to rearrange them back into the original picture.
Once you get the tiles in the right order your finished photograph appears. Magic!

But – we’ve added a twist. For beginners you can start with the simplified 3×3 grid (perfect for the kids) and once you’ve mastered that you can choose a grid any size from 3×3 to 6×6 or anywhere in between!

* Upload Your Own Images *
With the ability to upload your own photographs, the possibilities are endless. Have fun with your favorite family snaps, cartoons for the kids or salivate over your dream holiday location.

* 20 Challenging Levels *
Start with the simplified 3×3 puzzle before moving up to the classic 15 puzzle. And if that’s not enough of a challenge you can try the ultimate challenge – a 6×6 grid with 35 puzzle pieces.

Try the puzzle with or without numbers to guide you – but don’t worry you can take a sneak peek to check out the original photograph.

* Great Learning Tool for Young Brains (or to keep your brain young) *
Puzzles help keep your brain sharp and help young brains develop motor skills, learn pattern recognition, logic and problem solving skills.

* Easy to Use *
Smooth tile movement. Move one tile or a whole row with a swipe of the finger

* Unlimited Photo Puzzles *
You can use your own photographs but because we know how much everyone loves Middle Earth (home of Hobbiton) we’ve thrown in some beautiful scenic photographs of New Zealand to get you started. And a cute dog – because who can resist a golden retriever at the beach?

* Numbers Only Option *
Don’t like photos? You can quickly change the options and entertain yourself with numbered blocks – the choice is yours.

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Download Classic 15 Photo Puzzle Slider App now

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